AEW: Ruby Soho praises company President Tony Khan

Ruby Soho AEW All Out Debut

Image Courtesy @AEW

Newly signed AEW star Ruby Soho recently spoke to PWInsider. The former WWE Superstar discussed several topics during the interview, including what it was like backstage before her All Elite debut at All Out back on Sunday, September 5th.

“Honestly, he is the absolute best” Ruby Soho began, praising the AEW President Tony Khan. “He is honestly just the best boss that I could ever possibly ask for.

“His energy is unmatched. And regardless of how you feel at that moment? If for any reason you’re not excited about wrestling or whatever, you’re having a bad day. You walk in and you look at Tony Khan and you see his energy, you see how much he cares, genuinely, wholeheartedly about his product? And it’s just infectious,” Ruby Soho continued.

Ruby Soho on Tony Khan

“It’s impossible not to be, ‘Hell yeah. Let’s go, let’s go.’ It’s so hard not to be infected by that love of the product, of pro-wrestling, of everything that comes with it. He is honestly just like the best person.

“And he just cares about his talent. He takes time to get to know his talent. He talks to his talent and he’s honestly just the best possible boss I could ever possibly ask for. And I’m so excited and so grateful to get to work with him, honestly” Ruby Soho concluded.

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