Eric Bischoff talks AEW seemingly ‘closing the gap’ on WWE

AEW Dynamite

Former WCW President and on-screen personality for WWE Eric Bischoff recently discussed the AEW vs WWE ‘war’ that seems to be heating up following the AEW All Out 2021 PPV event this past weekend.

Commenting on the situation on the 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff talk about AEW starting to ‘close the gap’ on WWE, with last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite actually beating WWE RAW in the 18-49 demographic.

“The flip side of that conversation is AEW is definitely closing the gap, they’re growing, their audience is growing,” Eric Bischoff began. “If that trend continues, I think my quote was they’re going to be legitimate competition.

“I’m not sure I said anything about closing the gap, although, I didn’t write the headline. I think what I was referring to is AEW is on their way to becoming legitimate competition.

Eric Bischoff on AEW vs WWE

“When I say legitimate competition, I’m talking about for market share, not for online hype and peripheral news headlines because 90% of that is bullsh** anyway” Bischoff added.

“They’re [wrestling media, ie. us] trying to create a war where one doesn’t exist because wars create interest and interest creates clicks and clicks create money.

“But what I’m seeing in AEW is a legitimate competitor, and if they continue on that trend that they’ve established, that competition is only going to get closer and closer, and then it’s about market share.

“Nobody is taking anything away from anybody. Raw or SmackDown are not taking anything away from AEW and AEW is not taking any market share from WWE. It’s just a duplication of the audience. That’s not bad, it’s just reality.”