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Daniel Cormier Reacts To Ben Askren Knockout from Jake Paul (WATCH)

Ben Askren Daniel Cormier

This past weekend saw former UFC and ONE Championship fighter Ben Askren take on Jake Paul. It was a fight that was hyped for months, with the former MMA fighter not being renowned for his striking ability going in against a 2-0 boxer at ‘pro’ level.

As you’ve already most definitely seen, Jake Paul TKO’d/knocked out Ben Askren early in the first round with a right hook. The whole show felt like a bit of a circus, however Ben Askren walked away with over $500,000 in his pocket, almost as much as he made for his entire UFC run.

Many fighters, critics and fans have called the contest into question, saying that it was rigged. The main reasoning being that Askren went down far quicker than he did during his MMA run.

Daniel Cormier on Ben Askren

A video of Askren surviving an onslaught on the ground from Robbie Lawler has been making the rounds, leading fans to question the legitimacy of this fight. It’s worth noting however that the power generated on the floor is different from a standing position…but still.

Former UFC Champ Champ Daniel Cormier has also questioned if Askren threw the fight. DC wrote “wait a minute, did Askren get us all? Like this is some magician stuff he wasn’t laughing on his way to the back was he? Cmon Ben lol.”

Check out the reaction from DC below:

If SOMEHOW you haven’t seen the TKO yet, check it out below:

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