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Jake Paul Calls Out Daniel Cormier for Triller Fight Club

Ben Askren Daniel Cormier

This past weekend saw former UFC and ONE Championship fighter Ben Askren take on Jake Paul. It was a fight that was hyped for months, with the former MMA fighter not being renowned for his striking ability going in against a 2-0 boxer at ‘pro’ level.

As you’ve already most definitely seen, Jake Paul TKO’d/knocked out Ben Askren early in the first round with a right hook. The whole show felt like a bit of a circus; however Ben Askren walked away with over $500,000 in his pocket.

That beastly amount is almost as much as he made for his entire UFC run. With that, Paul has now called out another UFC alumni, namely Daniel Cormier.

Jake Paul on Daniel Cormier

“Daniel Cormier (was saying) ‘that’s my boy Ben, he’s gonna beat Jake, he pushed him in the face so he’s gonna win now, chirp, chirp, chirp,” Paul said on his brother Logan’s podcast, Impaulsive.

“I knock him out and he’s on Twitter, ‘Ben, are you serious, bro, you went down like that. Ben are you kidding me, I can’t believe you did that to the MMA community’” Paul continued.

“Shut the f**k up b***h” Paul added. “I’ll beat the f**k out of your fat ass too, just like Stipe did, Cleveland sh*t. I’ll beat the if f**k out of Daniel Cormier.”

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren did in the region of 1.2 to 1.6 million in PPV buys, so if DC is looking for a payday? This could be it.

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