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LA Knight on The Million Dollar Championship in NXT

LA Knight NXT

NXT Superstar LA Knight recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump ahead of his NXT Takeover: In Your House match against Cameron Grimes.

LA Knight will be taking on Grimes in a ladder match for the Million Dollar Championship. This is the first time in quite some time that we’ve seen Ted DiBiase’s belt on WWE programming, and Knight discussed the importance of the title.

“Well, look, let’s not pretend I’m not a student of the game” LA Knight began. “I’ve been watching this since I was a kid. When you see that belt sitting out there, first of all, there was a little bit of shock.”

LA Knight on Million Dollar Title

“In the fact that, ‘hey man, I’ve been watching this guy with the belt since I was a wee fella’,” Knight continued on The Bump. “Now, just thinking about the fact that I can take that and surpass any levels expected. [Just look at that thing.”

“A lot of people might say, ‘Oh, this isn’t as prestigious as the NXT title or the WWE title,’” Knight added, talking about the title he’s going to attempt to grab tonight.

“I say it’s more so, cause you know why? It costs more than all of them combined. Nothing compares,” LA Knight would conclude.

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