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WWE NXT Superstars Reportedly Sign New Deals

NXT Deals

It has been reported that NXT Superstars Ever-Rise have signed new deals with WWE. Fightful Select recently confirmed the news via their Patreon exclusive site.

WWE had reportedly offered the duo contracts “months ago,” and the company wanted to get the pair’s deals to ‘match up.’

Although it’s not clear how long their deals where for originally, it appears as though they had contracts of differing length or were originally signed at different times.

This isn’t exactly uncommon for WWE to try and organize. With two talents working as a tandem, it’s likely that if WWE were hoping to offload them it would be at the same time, rather than have one member of a tag team lingering for slightly longer.

Ever Rise Sign New Deals

Fightful Select noted that their actual contract length is still not publicly known, but WWE did tell them that the tag team have signed new deals.

These contracts were also apparently signed a while ago; so whilst the news isn’t breaking, it wasn’t known publicly until this week.

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