Former WWE Superstar Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut at Rebellion PPV

A former WWE Superstar made his debut for IMPACT at this past weekend’s Rebellion PPV

IMPACT Rebellion

Former WWE Superstar Big Cass/cazXL made his debut for IMPACT Wrestling at this past weekend’s Rebellion PPV event. Now named W. Morrissey, Big Cass appeared as the surprise tag partner of Violent By Design, replacing an injured Eric Young.

CazXL overcame addiction and depression to make his way back to the squared circle. Since being released from WWE, the former Big Cass has battled demons and is now in a position to rejoin the pro wrestling world.

W. Morrissey recently spoke to WrestleTalk about his battle with addiction, saying how debilitating it was ahead of Rebellion. “It was just a long, long journey man” Morrissey said. “I had been in and out of rehab a few times and it just wasn’t clicking, and then I went back to rehab last January and everything started clicking at that point.”

W. Morrissey on Addiction

“I embraced the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous which I beforehand thought was silly£ the former Big Cass continued. “And I really, really started focusing on my recovery and myself, and magically when you do that you just start to get happier.”

“It’s as if it’s this thing that millions of people had done successfully all over the world” cazXL continued. “But for me, I was like, ‘no that’s not for me.'”

“But when I finally embraced the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, everything started going good mentally” w. Morrissey concluded. “I was a happy person for the first time in a really long time.”

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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