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Billy Corgan Talks NWA Taking a ‘Run at The Top’ and WWE/AEW

Billy Corgan NWA

National Wrestling Alliance owner Billy Corgan recently spoke to the Two Man Power Trip podcast. The Smashing Pumpkins singer discussed a number of topics during the interview, including why he chose to put NWA Powerrr behind a paywall.

“We were doing good numbers on YouTube by putting Powerrr up for free” Billy Corgan began. “And it was great and people were talking and there was a buzz.”

“But then it just stopped, because as Elvis’ manager used to say, ‘How much does it cost if it’s free?'” Corgan continued. “What is the real value of something if you’re giving it away?”

“There’s something about us moving to FITE TV, being behind a paywall and asking people to be responsible to us and us being responsible to them” Corgan added.

Billy Corgan on AEW and WWE

“The legitimacy of being on a platform that was just bought by Triller, they’re doing crazy business. We’re in business with serious people and the future of television is online” the Smashing Pumpkins singer noted. “The legitimacy, the history, the roster.”

“WWE and AEW are running things” Corgan noted. “Big companies with big TV deals. Beyond that, it’s a crowded market and you have to cut your way through. We’re fine with that.”

“We will emerge out of this ‘other’ tier as the victor and make a serious run at the top” Billy Corgan concluded, saying how he has his sights set on AEW and WWE. “It won’t take two months, but it will happen.”

credit to Fightful for the transcription

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