Daniel Bryan Talks Date of His WWE Contract Ending

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan discusses the current state of his ongoing WWE contract and addresses the rumors of when it is likely to end

Daniel Bryan

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently spoke to TV Line. The ‘Leader of The YES Movement’ discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the rumored date that his WWE contract is likely to end.

“It’s funny that people gravitate towards the date ‘September’” Daniel Bryan said in the interview. “I think it’s because that’s when my last contract ended.”

“But it doesn’t end in September” Bryan then revealed. “I’m still trying to figure out what that looks like.”

“I had a tag team match on SmackDown (recently) and it was a lot of fun,” Bryan continued. “But my neck was just wrecked. I’m going to be 40 in May and my daughter likes to get on my shoulders to pick leaves from a Japanese maple in front of our house.”

Daniel Bryan on WWE Contract

“You get to that point where it’s like, ‘how long can I do this full-time and still be able to do those kinds of things with my daughter?’ Daniel Bryan noted. “What’s the right balance between part-time and that sort of thing?’ It may be that it’s just every once in a while when the urge strikes, or maybe like a schedule where it’s like eight months on, these months off.”

Daniel Bryan finished by saying that as an independent contractor he can dictate the amount of work he does going forward; at this point however he isn’t sure how much or how little that should be.

“One of the coolest things about wrestling, and just be being an independent contractor in general, is that you can say, ‘Well, I really only want to do this amount of work’” Bryan concluded. “What that amount of work is, I have no idea yet. I still have to figure it out.”

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