LA Knight Talks Being ‘HATED’ During His First 3 Months in NXT

WWE NXT Superstar LA Knight talks why he is usually ‘hated’ when he first joins a locker room #wwenxt #nxt #laknight

LA Knight NXT

WWE NXT Superstar LA Knight recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The former Eli Drake discussed a number of topics during the interview; including the influence The Rock had on his promo style and why he was ‘hated’ for the first three months of his NXT career.

“I have to say that I’m a bit of an introvert, I stay to myself” LA Knight revealed, talking out of ‘character.’ “Especially if I don’t know people. So if I’m brand new to a locker room? I’ll say hello to everybody, and I’ll just kind of go off by myself; because in my mind I’m thinking, ‘I don’t want to bother anybody.’

“If somebody wants to talk to me or if I have something really important to say? I’ll approach them, but otherwise I’m going to say hello, and then I’m gonna go do my own thing” LA Knight continued. “That’s until somebody shows an interest or whatever starts talking to me.”

The former IMPACT Champion then discussed how it is usually an issue to work with other talent, especially when they see him being ‘standoffish’ backstage yet so outspoken on the microphone and in ring.

LA Knight on Being Introverted

“So now you see me carrying myself in a certain way; then you see what I do in the ring on a microphone, which is uber confident. And all of a sudden I’m not talking to anybody in the back and then people are like what ‘who the hell’s this guy think he is?'”

“When I got to NXT the first time here, I was hated for like the first three months” LA Knight revealed. “And it’s usually like a three month period before everybody kind of figures out like, ‘oh wait, this guy’s actually okay.’

“Same thing in IMPACT when I first got there” LA Knight noted. “There was big time heat in the locker room and then there was one magical night; there might have been some tequila and wine that helped me come out of my shell! Suddenly there’s a big baby face turn and we were good to go.”

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