Nigel McGuiness Talks Daniel Bryan And His Next Move

Former Ring of Honor Champion and NXT UK commentator Nigel McGuiness talks the future of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan #NXTUK #WWE

Daniel Bryan

WWE commentator and former Ring of Honor Champion Nigel McGuiness recently discussed Daniel Bryan. McGuiness appeared on the After The Bell podcast w/Corey Graves, and said that he’d like to see his former rival make the move to NXT or NXT UK.

Daniel Bryan of course left SmackDown just over a week ago after he lost to Roman Reigns. The current contract status of Bryan is disputed, with some reports indicating that he is a free agent and is negotiating with WWE.

“I’d love to see Bryan here [in NXT UK]” Nigel McGuiness stated on After The Bell. “To be honest with you, he’s the guy most like Kurt Angle, he has great matches with absolutely everyone and I think he’s a person that you just can’t help [learn from].”

Nigel McGuiness on Daniel Bryan

“When you’re in the ring with someone with that talent; you can’t help but be brought up another level” the British legend continued.

“Our careers are certainly synonymous with each other in the early stages” McGuinness added. “I remember the first time I was in a locker room with him as well. We got there early, he was over in the corner of the locker room just reading a book and I had this very strange sensation that he was going to be a big factor in my career and vice versa and couldn’t be any more true than that.”

“It’s great that he’s had the success that he’s had here, couldn’t be happier for him and I think he’s still got a lot that he can do” Nigel concluded. “You mentioned perhaps coming to NXT or NXT UK, I think that would get a lot of people talking.”

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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