WWE Nexus Member Says That John Cena ‘Buried’ Him

A former member of the WWE’s Nexus stable has claimed that John Cena ‘buried’ him whilst he worked on the main roster of the company

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Former WWE Superstar and original member of the Nexus stable Michael Tarver recently spoke to VOC Nation’s Talkin Sass podcast. The member of the first NXT class discussed a number of topics during the interview, including how he was ‘buried’ by John Cena during his run.

“The irony of how WWE works, you could be the man or the woman in developmental, and (when you) get to the main roster, it doesn’t matter how good you are,” Tarver began.

“If one of the main people there don’t like you, they will do everything they can do to bury you” Tarver continued. “I got to the main roster and just got buried.”

Nexus Member Tarver on John Cena

“It was [John] Cena,” Tarver revealed, saying who went after him during his main roster run. “I don’t have any heat with him now, I make jokes about it.  But there was a target on my back.  I don’t know why he targeted me, but it is what it is.”

“We ended up on good terms (but) I had to defend myself a lot” Tarver said. “Everyone was high on me, and then all the sudden they all turned on me.  People wouldn’t shake my hand, they wouldn’t even speak to me.”

This isn’t the first instance of someone claiming that John Cena has ‘buried’ them to the rest of the roster.

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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