Baron Corbin reflects on Kurt Angle retirement match

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin recently discussed his WrestleMania match against Kurt Angle and the disappointment surrounding the aftermath

Baron Corbin

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT. The former RAW GM discussed several topics during the interview, including Kurt Angle’s retirement match against him at WrestleMania 35.

“I wish we would have [done more], I wish we would have really capitalised on the momentum that gave me, because that’s an incredible opportunity,” Baron Corbin began.

“When you look at the guy, and not just what he’s accomplished in WWE, but what he’s accomplished in life, for him to step out… Yeah, everyone is going to have a dream match for their final match and I can’t ever imagine Kurt Angle was like ‘I want to wrestle Baron Corbin for my last match in WWE!’

“He had history, he was Cena’s first match in WWE and I understand that completely. Who wouldn’t want to go out wrestling John Cena as their last match? It’s a phenomenal thing to do if you’re in the ring with him or Kurt – doesn’t matter.

“To me, it was more than I could have ever wished for to be in that position with Kurt, because he’s a living legend, Hall of Famer, gold medallist; you can list his accolades all day long and that’s who I got to share the ring with at WrestleMania, one-on-one” Baron Corbin concluded.

Baron Corbin on Kurt Angle

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