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Drew McIntyre Talks Potential Match With NXT UK Superstar

Drew McIntyre WWE

WWE Superstar and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke to Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker. The Scottish Superstar discussed a number of topics during the interview, including a potential match against NXT UK Superstar, WALTER.

“But WALTER is just someone who, talk about believability in the ring, you watch a WALTER match and he makes you believe” Drew McIntyre began.

“He’s so big, unique looking, and dominant, with such a believable style” McIntyre added. “He is somebody who has done a great job as the NXT UK representative and a representative of European wrestling.”

Drew McIntyre on WALTER

“He came out of nowhere. I remember the first day I saw him. It was right before I came back to the WWE” McIntyre recalled. “I was at wXw in Germany and was like, ‘Who is that? Why have I never seen him before?’”

“That’s somebody who I would’ve picked as one of my guys to work with during that time” Drew McIntyre revealed. “But we never got the chance to get together because I never knew he existed, quite frankly.”

“But now, everyone knows he exists and that match is going to happen eventually” McIntyre concluded.

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