Gable Steveson reveals Brock Lesnar helped with WWE signing

Gable Steveson Brock Lesnar

New WWE signee and Olympic Gold Medallist Gable Steveson recently appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. The Amateur wrestling great discussed several topics during his time on the show, including his WWE signing and how Brock Lesnar was a big part in him making that decision.

“Besides talking to guys like Lesnar and Triple H and such, I haven’t actually talked to another collegiate wrestler in WWE” Gable Steveson began.

“[Brock] was a good part [of the decision] because the Brock Lesnar path, like we talked about, he started with WWE and went to the NFL and made it to the final stages of being on the team, then went to UFC.

“So, I mean the Brock Lesnar route is helpful for me, and I want to pave my own way and have my own destiny. He was a big help in this, and it was cool that he gave me some guidance” Gable Steveson concluded.

Gable Steveson on Brock Lesnar influence

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