Dana White Says If You Don’t Respect Usman You “Don’t Know Fighting”

Dana White UFC President

Image Copyright @UFC

UFC President Dana White recently addressed the negativity shown towards UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman. The Nigerian-American defeated former team-mate Gilbert Burns on Saturday night to retain his title and move his winning streak to 17 fights.

Dana White said at the UFC 258 post game press conference that people should respect Usman. The UFC President essentially called fans who don’t ‘casuals.’

Dana White on Usman

“For anybody to say that Usman’s not (the real deal), you don’t know anything about fighting,” White began. “And that’s OK. Maybe you just jump in and you like to watch it because it’s the thing to do, and Conor’s fighting, or this guy’s fighting. But if you know anything about fighting and you don’t think that Usman is? You really don’t know anything about fighting.”

“If he doesn’t have the respect now, he should have got it after the Covington fight,” White continued. “I can’t stop talking about the Covington fight. It’s one of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen. Anybody who didn’t respect him after that, that’s your problem, not his.”

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