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Aleister Black Talks Biggest Issues With WWE Creative

Aleister Black

Former WWE Superstar Aleister Black recently spoke to Renee Paquette on the Oral Sessions podcast. The former NXT Champion discussed a number of topics during the show, including the big issues with WWE creatively.

“The issue is, there is not a focus on the people around the main people being pushed” Aleister Black began. “You have to have a continuous stream of people being built up so people care. “

“Nothing I’m saying is shocking” Black continued. “I think it’s the main consensus of a lot of people that there is not enough focus on multiple people.”

“Why would you not make everyone you are utilizing strong?” The now Tommy End added. “It is a very busy and ever-changing landscape and you can only do so much.”

Aleister Black on WWE Creative

“As a talent, you can only do so much, producers can only do so much, the writing staff can only do so much. The good thing is that it’s also shared within the company, the locker room, the writing room, and that’s how everyone keeps their chins up.”

“Everyone has the same question marks” Aleister Black concluded. “It’s telling of what perhaps should change. I want to present the more positive sense of this release.”

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