Becky Lynch reveals that she wants to be bigger than The Rock

Becky Lynch The Rock

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WWE SmackDown Superstar and the brand’s Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke to New York Daily News. The recently returned Superstar discussed several topics during the interview, including how she plans on being ‘bigger than The Rock.’

“As we evolve, it’s just inspiring more women to get into it and to see what we can do,” Becky Lynch began. “I don’t want to take full credit for it, but I’ll take full credit for it.

“Once everybody saw that people can rally around a woman the way that they do and can carry them to the main event and that we can have the main event at Wrestlemania and sell out arenas as we did, you can see that, ‘oh, OK, she can do it. I can do it.’

Becky Lynch on The Rock

“That’s not something to take on lightly. That’s something that I take on with pride. It doesn’t scare me because I think I’m the woman for the job.”

Becky Lynch would then go on to discuss how she plans on being an even bigger star than Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and take the WWE to bigger heights.

“I hope I can be bigger than The Rock and better than The Rock,” Lynch continued. “The Rock is a good friend. The Rock is a great friend. But I’m on a different path, and I’m different than The Rock, and I’m not trying to be the next anybody. I’m the first Becky Lynch.”

Lynch is set to face Bianca Belair at the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules 2021 PPV event on Peacock and WWE Network.